The ultimate search extension for Golang

Input keyword go then press Space in the address bar to get started. Just that easy!

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Go Search Extension is a handy browser plugin to helps every Go developer search docs and packages in the address bar instantly.

Just input keyword go + Space in the address bar to activate the extension, then input any keyword you wanna search, the extension will response with the related result in an instant! It's hugely fast just like a millisecond-level search! Why it so fast? Because we have an integration of several offline index files, which provides offline and instant search. No online search engine required.

Let's explain it in more detail:

Search std docs

The whole standard library is searchable. No matter a package, func, or interface, the result you desired is just a keystroke away. Select one and enter, you'll be redirected to the proper page effortlessly.

Search top 20K packages

Just searching the std library is not enough. So we crawled top starred Go packages from Github and built the index file for TOP 20K, then everyone can search those great packages easily and instantly.

Hope you like it, we bring several prefix sign to help you search the corresponding kind of content exclusively. For example, the ! is package searching prefix, the !! is repository mode prefix, the $ is the awesome golang list searching prefix (See the following part). If no prefix sign is specified, the default search is the standard library. :)

Quick jump to git repository

While we searching the top package, we also hope we can jump to the package repository directly. Yeah, this is possible! Just prefix !! before the keyword, you'll open the repository page instead of the default page. However, we only support Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Gitea, etc.

Awesome Golang is an awesome resource itself for searching. Therefore, we indexed the whole list!

Prefix $ before the keyword, you'll get the desired result from the awesome list.

Builtin commands

The command system brings a handy set of useful and convenient commands to you. Each command starts with a : (colon), followed by the name, and function differently in individual. Those commands including but not limited to:

Page down/up easily

You can press space after the keyword, then increase or decrease the number of - (hyphen) to page down or page up.